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Discover Modus 3.5 Gram THC-a Glazed Snow Balls, a top-quality cannabis product combining THC-A flower with THC-P and THC-A Liquid Diamonds for a flavorful and intense high. Perfect for any occasion, each snowball is carefully crafted for a delightful experience.

Strain Profiles and Benefits

  • Adios MF (Hybrid): A mix of relaxation and excitement with citrus and herbal flavors.
  • Crack Pack (Sativa Dominant Hybrid): Energizing and creative with citrus, pine, fresh herbs, and zesty fruit flavors.
  • Blue Face (Hybrid): Calming yet uplifting with earthy blueberry and floral notes.
  • Pink Matcha Slush (Indica Dominant Hybrid): Relaxing with sweet berry and earthy matcha flavors.
  • Bad Apple (Indica Dominant Hybrid): Sedative and mood-enhancing with crisp apple and spicy flavors.
  • Galactic Gas (Sativa Dominant Hybrid): Balances energy and relaxation with sweet citrus and earthy pine flavors.


Product Quality and Safety

How should I store Modus Snow Balls? Store them in their airtight, resealable bags in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.

What size packages are available? Each package contains 3.5 grams of premium cannabis flower.

Purchase and Availability

Where can I buy Modus Snow Balls? They can be purchased from burburmanshealthshop.

Usage and Consumption

How do I consume Modus Snow Balls? Break apart the buds, load them into your smoking device or rolling paper, ignite, and inhale deeply. Hold the smoke briefly before exhaling.

Any tips for smoking Modus Snow Balls? Ensure the buds are evenly packed. If rolling a joint or blunt, use unbleached paper and a filter for better flavor.

Can I use Modus Snow Balls in any smoking device? Yes, they can be used in pipes, bongs, or rolling papers. Ensure proper airflow by not over-packing.


What are Modus Snow Balls?
Modus Snow Balls are premium cannabis products combining THC-A flower, THC-P, and THC-A Liquid Diamonds for a potent, flavorful smoking experience.

What strains are available in Modus Snow Balls?
The strains are Adios MF, Crack Pack, Blue Face, Pink Matcha Slush, Bad Apple, and Galactic Gas.

What is the potency of Modus Snow Balls?
Each Snow Ball has a 32% total concentration with less than 0.3% Δ9 THC.


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