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Moocah is an exciting brand that makes special mushroom products designed to help people feel better and think more clearly. They have two main products: the Moocah Microdose Nootropic Chocolate Bar and Moocah Mega Dose Nootropic Gummies. Here are some key highlights about Moocah that make it unique and interesting:


Innovative Products

Moocah products are made using a special mix of mushrooms that are known to help improve brain function. These mushrooms have natural chemicals called tryptamines and erinacines, which are believed to have therapeutic benefits. This means they can help you feel good and think better without causing bad side effects like nausea or a heavy feeling in your body​​.


Natural and Safe

All Moocah products are 100% natural and safe to use. Each product is tested by third-party labs to make sure they are safe and effective. This means you can trust that what you are using is good for you and free from harmful chemicals​.


Company Vision

Moocah was created to help people understand the benefits of using mushrooms for mental well-being. They want to change the way people think about mushrooms and show that they can be helpful for improving mood and brain function. Moocah is committed to providing products that are safe and enjoyable to use, helping people have a positive experience with mushrooms​.


Customer Satisfaction

Moocah cares a lot about making their customers happy. They offer excellent customer service and many people who try their products say they prefer Moocah over traditional magic mushrooms. Moocah wants to create a community of users who enjoy their products and share their positive experiences​​.


Moocah is a brand that stands out because of its dedication to quality, safety, and the positive effects of its products. Whether you are new to using mushrooms or have tried them before, Moocah offers a unique and enjoyable experience.



  1. What products does Moocah offer?
    Moocah offers the Moocah Microdose Nootropic Chocolate Bar and Moocah Mega Dose Nootropic Gummies, designed to improve mood and cognitive function.


  1. Are Moocah products safe?
    Yes, Moocah products are 100% natural, federally legal, and tested by third-party labs to ensure safety and effectiveness.


  1. Do Moocah products contain cannabinoids?
    No, Moocah products do not contain cannabinoids or any harmful substances.


  1. What are the main ingredients in Moocah products?
    Moocah products contain a proprietary blend of nootropic mushroom extracts, including tryptamines and erinacines, along with other natural ingredients like sugar, milk powder, and natural flavors.


  1. How do Moocah products work?
    The natural compounds in Moocah products are believed to help improve mood and brain function without causing bad side effects like nausea.

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