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Munching Panda was established with a passion for combining culinary excellence with the innovative benefits of cannabinoids. The founders, skilled professionals from France and the USA, sought to create delicious edibles that offer unique and enjoyable experiences.


Munching Panda is a unique brand offering a variety of tasty treats like candies, cookies, brownies, ice pops, and vape pens. Their products are made with high-quality ingredients and infused with carefully researched cannabinoids. They aim to blend culinary mastery with cutting-edge cannabinoid innovation. Their mission is to create delicious and safe edible products that offer an unforgettable sensory experience. They focus on quality, safety, and transparency, ensuring their products are enjoyable and responsibly made.


Munching Panda’s treats are handcrafted by skilled professionals and chefs from France and the USA. They source premium raw materials and harmonize different cannabinoids to create balanced, flavorful, and safe edibles. Each product is tested and verified for quality and effectiveness.


Product Highlight: Munching Panda THCA / Delta 9 + THC-P Cookie

The Munching Panda THCA / Delta 9 + THC-P Cookie is a delicious treat combining the goodness of cookies with the benefits of cannabinoids. Each cookie is infused with a blend of Delta 9 THC, THC-P, and THCA, offering a balanced and enjoyable sensation. The cookies are made with high-quality ingredients, ensuring a delightful taste and texture. They provide a unique experience, perfect for those looking to enjoy a tasty treat with added benefits.




  1. What types of products does Munching Panda offer?
    Munching Panda offers a variety of tasty edibles, including candies, cookies, brownies, ice pops, and vape pens.


  1. How are Munching Panda products made?
    Each product is handcrafted by skilled professionals using premium raw materials and harmonized cannabinoids. They undergo rigorous testing to ensure quality and safety.


  1. What is the vision of Munching Panda?
    Munching Panda aims to combine culinary mastery with cannabinoid innovation to create delicious, safe, and high-quality edible products.


  1. What are the benefits of Munching Panda’s THCA / Delta 9 + THC-P Cookie?
    The cookie combines the benefits of cannabinoids, such as Delta 9 THC, THC-P, and THCA, with the delicious taste of a cookie, offering a balanced and enjoyable experience.

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