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New Brew is a brand that specializes in creating botanical tonics that blend the benefits of kratom and kava into a seltzer drink, offering a unique and refreshing way to relax and unwind. Their products are designed to provide a euphoric and relaxing sensation, making them a great alternative to alcohol and coffee for those seeking a milder, more natural buzz.


The main product from New Brew is the “New Brew Kratom/Kava Seltzer,” which comes in a variety of flavors including Mango, Citrus, and Berry. Each can contains 25mg of kratom leaf extract and 125mg of kava root extract, offering a consistent and controlled experience. The ingredients are carefully chosen to enhance the flavor and effectiveness of the extracts, including elements like Earl Grey Black Tea, cane sugar, and natural flavors like mango puree and lime juice concentrate, all sourced organically.


New Brew emphasizes the natural and wellness-oriented properties of their drinks, positioning them as both a relaxing beverage and a lifestyle choice for those interested in health and wellness. They also highlight the meticulous process behind their product creation, ensuring each batch is crafted to meet their high standards of quality and consistency.


This brand is particularly noted for its commitment to creating a product that provides a sense of well-being without the negative effects often associated with alcohol, making it popular among those who are health-conscious or reducing alcohol consumption.




What is New Brew Kratom/Kava Seltzer?
New Brew Kratom/Kava Seltzer is a botanical tonic that combines kratom and kava extracts in a seltzer form, offering a relaxing and euphoric drink experience.


What flavors does New Brew offer?
New Brew offers several flavors including Mango, Citrus, and Berry, each crafted with natural and organic ingredients for a refreshing taste.


What are the main ingredients in New Brew Seltzers?
The main ingredients include kratom leaf extract, kava root extract, natural sweeteners like cane sugar and agave syrup, and flavor enhancers like mango puree and lime juice concentrate.


Who should drink New Brew Seltzers?
New Brew Seltzers are ideal for those looking for a natural way to relax, reduce alcohol consumption, or enjoy a health-conscious beverage option.


Where can I buy New Brew Seltzers?
New Brew Seltzers can be purchased directly from their Burman’s Health Shop’s  website.


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