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The Kula Brand is dedicated to providing all-natural health alternatives that promote well-being and mindfulness. Inspired by the traditional “Kula” exchange practices of Pacific Island communities, the brand embodies the spirit of giving and sustainability. They focus on creating products that enhance both physical and mental health, while also supporting ethical and sustainable practices.



Kula’s mission is to offer high-quality, natural wellness products that support the body’s natural functions and improve overall health. They strive to ensure customer satisfaction through rigorous quality checks and an emphasis on sustainability and ethical sourcing.



The vision of The Kula Brand is to create a world where natural wellness is accessible and sustainable for everyone. They aim to lead by example, promoting practices that benefit both people and the planet.


How Products Are Made:

The Kula Brand uses responsibly sourced ingredients for their products, ensuring fair treatment of farmers and minimizing environmental impact. Their manufacturing process includes careful selection and testing of all ingredients to maintain high standards of quality and safety. By integrating traditional practices with modern sustainability efforts, they aim to produce effective and ethical wellness solutions.


Product Offering:

KULA CAN seltzers blend kratom and kava extracts to offer a refreshing and natural alternative to alcohol. These seltzers are designed to enhance mood and promote relaxation.



Peachy Mango Seltzer: Juicy peach and mango flavors for a tropical experience.

Watermelon Lime Seltzer: Refreshing watermelon and lime for a balanced, invigorating taste.

Passionfruit Bliss Seltzer: Exotic passionfruit for a tropical, uplifting flavor.

Arnold Calmer Seltzer: Tangy lemonade mixed with calming kratom for a soothing drink.

Old Fashioned Lemonade: Tangy lemonade mixed with kava

Sour Apple: Tasty and Sour flavor of Apple mixed with kava



Natural Ingredients: Responsibly sourced kratom and kava.

Mood Enhancement: Reduces anxiety and promotes relaxation.

Alcohol Alternative: Enjoyable without the negative effects of alcohol.

Convenient and Refreshing: Ready-to-drink, perfect for any occasion.

KULA CAN seltzers are perfect for those seeking natural relaxation.



What is The Kula Brand?

The Kula Brand provides all-natural health alternatives that promote well-being and mindfulness. They focus on creating products that enhance both physical and mental health while supporting ethical and sustainable practices.


What are KULA CAN seltzers?

KULA CAN seltzers are refreshing beverages that blend kratom and kava extracts. They are designed to enhance mood and promote relaxation as a natural alternative to alcohol.


Why should I choose The Kula Brand?

Choosing The Kula Brand means supporting a company committed to quality, sustainability, and ethical practices. Their products are designed to promote well-being and are made with responsibly sourced ingredients.


Where can I purchase Kula’s products?

Kula’s products can be purchased directly from Burman Health Shop’s website.


For over 50 years, our family has been providing the highest-quality products, education and personalized service, helping customers improve their overall health and restoring balance to their daily lives. Shop online or visit our store.