Inflammation and Brain Injury: Athletes Need CBD Oil!


Pictured above: Nate Diaz, UFC fighter with a CBD Vape after a fight.

                                                      CBD OIL FOR ATHLETES 

CBD oil, the incredible pain relief product, has an abundance of benefits for athletes! The wear and tear on the body of an athlete can eventually take a toll on them. An athlete may come to the point where they are constantly taking Advil or Tylenol while they battle injury, soreness, and inflammation. It is becoming essential that athletes use CBD oil for maximum performance and to optimize the state of their muscles, mind, and body. Any type of athlete can benefit from this product, although it may be even more effective for those that participate in contact-heavy sports like Mixed Martial Arts, UFC, Boxing, and Football. This non-psychoactive cannabinoid assists athletes with pain, fatigue, inflammation, soreness, and recovery. 


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Through in-depth research, it has been discovered that each of our bodies contains an Endo (Internal) Cannabinoid System, which works to maintain homeostasis in the body. When things like inflammation, soreness, pain, or fatigue occur it sends signals to the system to work hard to return to normal. The CB1 and CB2 receptor sites are associated with our organs and immune system, respectively. Inflammation is an immune response and can be helped by CBD oil. When CBD oil is taken, we are interacting with our Endo Cannabinoid System. Essentially, the CB2 receptors notify our EDC to boost and gives it the tools it needs to quickly and efficiently repair the damage that has occurred. This is why it is largely beneficial to those who are encountering hard hits to the body or head, which fighters and football players often run into. An oil or topical cream is used for these types of specific muscle soreness or overall pain. This means less inflammation, less soreness, and a faster recovery time. Dr. Philip Blair commented on CBD and Inflammation stating, "The process of inflammation is a little bit like the body getting a 911 call. Once this happens the body begins to send immune cells and signals back to the body to stimulate and release these inflammatory or irritating substances called Cytokines and those are the ones that cause the redness, swelling, heat, and pain that go on." He then said, "The CBD is going to intracellularly affect the communication within the cell, whether it's at the mitochondria level, or the endoplasmic reticulum or it's at the nucleus. A lot of that communication is actually signaled by the Cannabidiol and improves the functioning that goes on with it. And as a result you have this global possibility of improvement in a number of inflammatory situations." 

                                                      Neuro-Protective Properties

CBD Oil can be utilized as treatment for potential traumatic brain injury. Whether a head injury occurs during athletics or not, CBD has been clinically studied to reduce brain damage. As a football player or fighter, head injuries often take place and can result in horrible concussions or long-term brain issues, such as memory loss. Those that are playing football or participating in MMA or UFC should heavily consider using CBD for its Neuro-protective properties. Dr. Allan Frankel spoke on the linkage between CBD and traumatic brain injury, stating, "If you were part of the Israeli military and sustained a head injury you would receive CBD. The reason for this is there is substantial evidence that CBD will prevent the damage to your brain if you sustained an injury." He later stated, "I had a patient recently, about a 45 year old woman, mother of two, married, in a very, very traumatic car accident and she had memory losses and was being treated for memory loss and having memory testing at UCLA and was really not making any progress. She as well as a handful of other patients are having return of their memory within the first 4-6 weeks (from CBD). So I would seriously consider CBD for treating traumatic brain injury."

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