The Karen Project Phytoplankton Capsules

Karen®is the name of a unique strain of Phytoplankton that can assist in alleviating symptoms caused by autoimmune diseases. We all know nutrition is important. So the critical health question is - what is the foundation and origin of ALL nutrition? The answer is Marine Phytoplankton.

The nutrition in Phytoplankton not only supports a whale that is the size of a bus for 100 plus years, but it also helps the entire ocean ecosystem!

Phytoplankton is considered by NASA the Earth’s most important plant and provides up to 70% of the planet’s oxygen supply. Why are people getting such amazing results? There are a few theories. It might be the perfect food for the Mitochondria. There might be nutritional elements in Phytoplankton never discovered before? It also just might be the ideal balance of everything together. Whatever it is, you should be aware of these statistics.

1. Karen has consistently reported a 37.4% lifetime customer retention.

2. Karen is always a #1 seller.

3. Karen has strong customer reviews on Facebook and our website.

Now Burman’s Health Shop is launching Karen® in the USA with both our pure Phytoplankton as well as indication specific formulations. We are excited to tackle conditions that many Americans suffer from with the power of Phytoplankton plus the all natural ingredients that have also been clinically shown to improve these conditions.

Karen® is taking on health problems including Migraine Headaches, Acid Reflux/Crohn’s/Colitis/IBS, Joint Pain, Brain Fog, and Bad Gut Bacteria while at the same time giving Vegans and Vegetarians a reason to celebrate! A true Vegan source of naturally occurring Vitamin B12 (yes, it was found in Phytoplankton).

We look forward to building a partnership in health with you, your family, and your friends. About Phytoplankton Using the foundation of all nutrition to assist with conditions related to malnourishment.

• Phytoplankton is the Origin of all nutrition in the ocean
• Sustains an entire ecosystem (the ocean)
• Earth’s #1 oxygen producer
• Possibly the perfect food for the mitochondria
• Naturally occurring Vitamin B12 that is digestible
• Naturally occurring Super Oxide Dismutase
• Complete nutritional profile
• Consistently a #1 bestseller


• Grown from ancient seed on land
•Only bi-product is pure oxygen
• Complete nutritional profile
• Exceeds the highest levels of safety standards

Burman's Health Shop is proud to be the first to introduce The Karen Project Phytoplankton Capsules to the United States market.

Karen Phytoplankton Capsules Weight Loss $ 29.99 $ 47.00
Karen Phytoplankton Capsules Mental Clarity $ 29.99 $ 49.99
Karen® Phytoplankton Capsules for Heartburn Relief $ 39.99 $ 49.00
Karen Phytoplankton Vegan B12 $ 29.99 $ 47.00
Karen Phytoplankton Capsules for Joint Pain Relief $ 29.99 $ 53.00
Karen Phytoplankton Capsules for Migraines $ 29.99 $ 50.00


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