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Marty TOTALLY knows vitamins.” - Bill, Folsom

  •  “A little niche health food store that offers a bit in the way of everything ranging from supplements to acupuncture procedures. Burman's was not on my radar until recently when I desperately needed to source a probiotic I had run out of. I found a manufacture's listing online stating that Burman's was one of their retailers and placed a phone call. Sure enough, they had said probiotic in stock, and better yet, the incredibly helpful staffer offered to stay a few minutes after hours just to make sure I could secure picking up what was needed. The staff is a delight! Also, should a product be out of stock, Burman's will take down your information, call you exactly when it arrives, and offer to keep it on reserve without a credit/debit card backup. As well, Burman's has a loyalty program for returning customers and tries to price match or discount area competitors!! I like that my receipts are both paper and digitized (sent to my email). Burman's issues periodic coupons by way of email too. In summary, I'm completely satisfied with this business, and I would highly recommend stopping in and having a look around and conversing with the staff regarding your non-allopathic health-care needs. Thanks Burman's!” - Michelle, Springfield

    “When you combine the expertise of the staff, superior products, and very friendly customer experience, Burman's is a superior value.” - Barry, Drexel Hill

    “Marty Burman is a local businessman, pharmacist, and all around authority of vitamins and supplements. He knows their value, their strengths, and their abilities to help the body to help itself. My mom, son and I (three generations) have come to know, trust and depend upon his knowledge, abilities and skills in this ever-changing and complex environment known as the good health well-being industry. Marty has numerous years of training and certifications on which to back up his advice, but that is not all. He is fully engaged in his supplement product line and justifiably so, as his name is on it. Marty has a lifetime of experience plus the expertise of his father before him on which to base his recommendations. He is fair, competent, and will sincerely listen to your concerns. I thank Marty for his friendship, guidance and advice. ” - Steve, Wilmington Delaware

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Monday Through Friday 10am to 7pm
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