Aspen Valley Hemp Cigarettes

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Aspen Valley Hemp Cigarettes are from a premium, organic blend of hemp with a whopping 18.1 CBD per milligram and are rolled in a chemical free flax paper. The THC content is under .2% so you get some of the combined CBD/THC benefit while remaining legal in the USA and other countries like the United Kingdom.

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Aspen Valley Hemp Cigarettes are from a premium, organic blend of hemp with a whopping 18.1 CBD per milligram and are rolled in a chemical-free flax paper. The THC content is under .2% so you get some of the combined CBD/THC benefits while remaining legal in the USAand other countries like the United Kingdom. They are slightly more expensive than other hemp cigarettes but isn’t your health worth it? Aspen Valley Hemp Cigarettes were recently featured in a Rolling Stone magazine article.

While many of our customers have been buying Wild Hemp brand hemp cigarettes, they have been asking about premium hemp blends and so we will soon be selling these online and in our stores. You will be able to buy them in wholesale amounts to sell to family, friends, and in your vape shop or other type of store.

Aspen Valley Hemp Cigarette Product Details

  • Organic Farm
  • Pesticide Free
  • Up to 18% CBD per milligram
  • Less than .2% THC (so also legal in the UK)
  • Made in America

Again, please contact us if you want to purchase Aspen Valley Hemp Cigarettes as they will be available shortly for sale online and wholesale.

Aspen Valley Hemp Cigarettes – Reviews by Early Birds & Influencers

If you own a blog or write for a media outlet or have a YouTube or Instagram channel and would like to write a review of Aspen Valley Hemp Cigarettes, please contact us to discuss details of receiving a free pack of this and other hemp brands. You might wish to purchase a few other products, try them, and post reviews in several places like Facebook, Google, Yelp, etc… We don’t “pay for reviews” but we certainly appreciate it and sometimes provide free products in exchange for honest reviews of our products.

Aspen Valley Hemp Company vs Wild Hemp Cigarettes

If you haven’t yet tried the Wild Hemp brand of hemp cigarettes you can find them in the menu above. As with most CBD hemp products the differences come down to hemp strain, CBD and Cannabinoid Profile, Terpenes, and farming techniques reflected in lab reports. These can be a little difficult to decipher so contact us for specifics if you don’t understand the reports.

Important Facts about Hemp and CBD Benefits

The benefits of CBD in hemp cigarettes can be very different depending on your body physiology and how you smoke them. Obviously, long deep drags that remain in your lungs are probably going to pass more of the CBD content into your system. As those CBD molecules enter your body’s systems, they will be processed differently depending on how well those systems function. For example, in general, healthy people process more of the CBD than less healthy people.

As another example — we also get asked the question, “Will I be able to pass a drug test if I smoke these.” In most CBD/Hemp full spectrum products – those are products like oils and buds – small quantities of THC are present. A healthy person will generally pass that THC through their system more quickly then someone who’s digestive system doesn’t work well. The best policy is to not use anything with even the smallest amounts of THC if you are really worried about failing a test. Some people who unexpectedly have to take one do have pretty good luck using Burman’s 1 Hour Detox solution so you can check that out too.

Aspen Valley Hemp Cigarette Online Reviews

We are having some more of our customers try the Aspen Valley hemp company cigarettes out and their reviews will be posted in the next few days. Note that we also may make Unfiltered CBD Prerolls available in our online store as well. See the last photo above. Again, contact us if you want to try these!

2 reviews for Aspen Valley Hemp Cigarettes

    Marty Burman
    January 10, 2019
    So everyone at the store loves them. We hope our customers will too. Contact us if you want to be one of the first customers to buy them.
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    Tom Miller
    April 25, 2019
    shop here...they have good prices and are dependable.
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