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Buy CBD Flowers for sale online at Burman's Health Shop. This page reviews the best CBD Flower Strains, addresses legal issues, and shows where you can buy CBD flowers "near me" and online with free shipping.

We sell the best CBD flowers for insomnia, anxiety, pain, inflammation, depression and other health conditions. There is no proof that CBD is a "cure" for health conditions because of big Pharma dictated FDA restrictions but we can say that many of our customers have found CBD flowers to be useful for treating symptoms of these health conditions.

The kinds of CBD flower strains we can provide you depend on Seasonality. When you buy them online we will ship you the best flowers we have in-stock. We get fresh, premium organic shipments of flowers daily, so call or email the store if a specific type is critical to you.

Most people appreciate receiving one of these CBD flower strains from us:

  1. Special Sauce 
  2. Cascade
  3. Lifter
  4. Pineberry
  5. BoAx (Hemp Ganix brand)

These are grown and cured outside on the best organic hemp farms in Oregon and Colorado.

CBD Flower Strains

Special Sauce CBD Flowers

Purple-tinged nugs look beautiful, the nose is positively delicious, and the CBDa content is over 20%! Big notes of berry candy and sweet cream swirl together to form that classic Special Sauce nose that so many of you know and love.

Cascade Hemp CBD Flowers

Cascade Hemp Flower StrainThis is the first Indica-dominant strain from this year's crop, so we've been eagerly awaiting it's release. The cannabinoid content isn't the highest we've ever seen, 12.4% CBDa and LOQ Δ9 THC, but the smell is far different from the average hemp flower, so this strain is still a standout! The terpene concentration on Cascade is truly incredible. The majority of nugs have an average density (thick, but not rock-hard) and range in size from about a nickel to multiple quarters sitting side-by-side. Initially, the aroma is somewhat subtle, evoking spicy clove and savory citrus rind, but when they're cracked open, a wave of pungent gas, sharp pine, and crisp orange combine together to form a potent bouquet. Cascade is the result of an open-pollination between some of the world's most well-loved high-CBD strains: Ringo's Gift, Harle Tsu, Canna Tsu, and Sour Tsu. A mass selection was performed on the field to find the phenotypes that exhibited cohesion, stability, grey mold resistance, and high yield.

Wineberry - Hemp CBD Flowers

The aroma of this flower is extremely fresh and floral. There's a hint of brown butter and sugar lurking in the background, but when you give the nugs a squeeze, they unleash of wave of sharp, pungent berries, accentuated with a bit of savory rose. This is likely due to the high concentration of farnesene, β-Caryophyllene, β-Myrcene, and a-Bisabolol. When β-Caryophyllene and β-Myrcene appear together, you'll often experience an odor reminiscent of pungent tropical fruit. Then, when you factor in the sharp, green apple aroma of farnesene with the floral scent of a-Bisabolol you get the lovely bouquet that you'll experience with this flower! PineBerry is a cross between legendary high-CBD strain Ringo's Gift. These seeds were from a very limited release, so we feel blessed to have been able to work with them. The flower is extremely consistent, producing dense, loud, and purple-tinged buds on plants big and small!

Lifter Flowers

The dense, purple-tinged nugs are completely free of seeds, and although they haven't been trimmed super closely, look really good. Terpene results are in, and the major players are all in attendance! β-Myrcene, β-Caryopyllene, farnesene, and a-Bisabolol all combine to create an incredible bouquet that evokes grape candy, buttery blueberry muffins, and sweet, pungent skunk. Lifter is a cross between Suver Haze #50 It was bred for the sole purpose of producing large, high-yielding plants, bursting with CBD, and it sure does it's job!

Smoking & Vaporizing CBD Flowers

Smoking cbd flowers is a method of consuming CBD molecules that has existed for thousands of years. Inhalation of CBD has a rapid effect because the active particles enter the bloodstream through the lungs, bypassing the digestive system. When looking to purchase flowers, look for high-CBD strains, including BoAx, Special Sauce, Cascade, Pineberry, and Lifter. Let’s discuss some of the many ways that can be used to smoke CBD flowers. Some require significant effort. Others offer convenience and minimal effort. Many of the modern smoking pens are discreet devices that look like regular pens.

Methods of Smoking

CBD Joints and Cigarettes 

Cannabis cigarettes have traditionally been rolled in a thin paper made from materials such as hemp or rice paper. This is the most well-known method of smoking cannabis. Smoking cannabis can be a swift way to administer CBD. However, the relatively strong odor from smoking cannabis is not very discreet and tends to stick to and linger on one's clothes and hair. Also, while the first or second "hit" of a joint tastes relatively clean, as you get to the end of the joint, the flavor intensifies because the remaining cannabis acts like a concentrating filter for the smoke to get through.

It was once believed that smoking cannabis might contribute to cancer in the lungs or upper respiratory airways. Recent research indicates that it does not. A study published in the International Journal of Cancer showed that cannabis smokers did not have a higher risk for lung cancer. In fact, cannabis smokers often had a significantly lower rate of lung cancer than nonsmokers.


Handheld pipes are another commonly used tool for smoking. Pipes come in many sizes and materials ranging from hand-blown glass, wood, metal, ceramic and stone. It is a simple matter to carve a single-use pipe from such materials since it requires only a bowl for the plant material and a chamber for air to flow through. Even a piece of tinfoil can be fashioned into a makeshift pipe. Small pipes are a very efficient method of smoking as one can use only a tiny bud for a single use

Water Pipe or Bong for CBD Buds

Water pipes, known as bongs or bubblers, are another favorite way to smoke cannabis flowers or concentrates. Water pipes have been used across the world for at least 2,400 years. This device works by passing smoke through water and filtering and cooling the smoke before it is inhaled. Bongs are made from a wide variety of materials, including glass, acrylic, bamboo, metals, and ceramic. CBD pipes and bongs are available from Burman's Health Shop or other vape stores in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and cost. Some studies involving tobacco suggest water filtration can be an effective way of reducing exposure to the potential health risks associated with smoking by filtering out known toxicants from the byproducts of burning plant material. When smoke is cooled, it is less of an irritant to the airways of the respiratory system. Bongs are relatively easy to use and maintain; however, they must be kept clean. Bong water can smell very bad very quickly. Bongs are generally used at home because they are often not easy to transport.


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