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CBD Tea by Buddha Teas

Buddha Teas contain water soluble CBD which is nano sized particles that actually become part of your tea rather than an oil based product that will separate and cause for poor assimilation and absorption. You can confidently know while drinking buddha blends you are getting all of the benefits from the high quality herbs and CBD for superior cup of tea !

CBD Tulsi Ashwagandha 

Adaptogenic herbs help the body deal with and accommodate stress in the ayurvedic tradition. Ashwagandha and Holy Basil provide anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effects. Pair it with CBD, and you’re in for a relaxing experience !

CBD Chamomile Blend 

Used medicinally, Chamomile has earned recognition and popularity for its calming effect. When you combine it with Lemon Balm and Lavender, the herbs alone are going to create a wonderful sense of calm. If you add in, last but not least, CBD for its balancing properties, this is a cup of tea well known for reducing anxiety and promoting a restful nights sleep.

CBD Matcha Green Tea 

Great for focus and wakefulness!  Green Matcha sourced from japan contains L- Theanine a nootropic compound that helps with mental clarity and focus , This is a great day starter or mid day pick me up !

CBD Mushroom Defense 

CBD and medicinal mushrooms: Chaga, Reishi ,Lions Mane & Cordyceps! This nutrient dense tea is perfect for keeping the immune system strong and inflammation at bay. Stress breaks down the immune system so this is a perfect storm of herbs and mushrooms to keep you at your best !

CBD Turmeric & Ginger 

Turmeric is well known for its anti inflammatory effects and rejuvenating qualities. Add in some ginger to reduce nausea and upset stomach. Lastly, add CBD which can help with both pain and nausea. This is a great blend to calm the mind and body; we know you will love this as much as we do !





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CBD Ashwagandha, CBD Turmeric & Ginger, CBD Mushroom Defense, CBD Chamomile, CBD Matcha, CBD Peppermint


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