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Each gummy contains 1000mg of mushrooms, 20mg CBD Live Rosin, and 10mg of hemp-derived THC

  • Pesticide Free
  • Vegan
  • Lab Tested
  • Paraben Free
  • Full Spectrum

Cutleaf Euphoria Gummies with Live Rosin Hemp Derived THC are made with the purest form of CBD hemp extract on the market! Our rosin extract is pressed from USDA organic hemp flowers that are cold pressed to extract the plant’s cannabinoids, oils, and terpenes without chemicals or solvents. The result is an extract from the entire plant that is rich in CBDA and THCA, both of which offer amazing benefits you won’t find in other hemp products. Try our daytime product for everyday use and our nighttime product for your best sleep! Each gummy contains 10 mg of full-strength cannabinoids


Explore the unique fusion of nature and wellness with Cutleaf’s Euphoria Mushroom Gummies. Each gummy is a potent blend of 1000mg of mushrooms, 20mg of CBD Live Rosin, and 10mg of hemp-derived THC, delivering a comprehensive experience. These gummies are a testament to purity and quality, being pesticide-free, vegan, lab-tested, and paraben-free. Cutleaf utilizes cold-pressed USDA organic hemp flowers to extract a full spectrum of cannabinoids, oils, and terpenes, ensuring a rich and natural product. Available in delightful flavors like Blue Raz for nighttime use and Strawberry and Watermelon Gelato for daytime, these gummies offer versatility for your daily wellness routine.

How Does Euphoria Mushroom Gummies Make You Feel?

Cutleaf’s Euphoria Mushroom Gummies are crafted to enhance your daily moments, with each flavor created to align with different parts of your day. The Blue Raz flavor is a delightful choice for evening times, aligning with your end-of-day routine, while the Strawberry and Watermelon Gelato flavors are designed to fit seamlessly into your daytime activities. These gummies blend mushrooms, CBD, and THC, aiming to offer a harmonious and enjoyable experience. The thoughtful formulation of each gummy is meant to resonate with your lifestyle, providing a sense of well-being that aligns with your daily rhythms, whether you’re winding down in the evening or seeking a steady presence during the day.

Who Makes Euphoria Mushroom Gummies?

Cutleaf is the innovative creator behind Euphoria Mushroom Gummies, bringing a blend of innovation and natural wisdom to the wellness market. Committed to the potent yet harmonious qualities of mushrooms and hemp, Cutleaf crafts products that resonate with contemporary wellness trends. Their use of cold-pressed, USDA organic hemp flowers highlights a commitment to a chemical and solvent-free extraction process, ensuring the purity and potency of their cannabinoid extracts. This methodical approach to production guarantees that every gummy contains a full-strength, high-quality extract. Cutleaf’s dedication to excellence is apparent in each Euphoria Mushroom Gummy, offering a trustworthy option for those who value a natural, holistic approach to their wellness routine. Their passion for quality and effectiveness is matched by their commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainable practices, making them a brand that cares for both its customers and the planet.

Where To Buy Euphoria Mushroom Gummies?

Explore the world of natural wellness with Cutleaf’s Euphoria Mushroom Gummies, available at Burman’s Health Shop and from Cutleaf’s website. At Burman’s, we are proud to bring these innovative gummies to our customers. Whether you’re drawn to the calming Blue Raz for nighttime, or the energizing Strawberry and Watermelon Gelato for daytime use, we provide a seamless shopping experience. Enjoy the convenience of purchasing these high-quality gummies with us, backed by the assurance of quality and customer satisfaction. Start your journey with Cutleaf’s Euphoria Mushroom Gummies today and embrace a natural approach to wellness.

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Blue Raz (nighttime), Strawberry (daytime), Watermelon Gelato (daytime)

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