Delta 8 Vape Cart Variety Pack

$ 230.00 $ 195.00

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Try Them all!!

Can’t decide on what to try ? that ok we couldn’t either so we fixed the issue .

try each one of our carts from TreeTop and Orange Mimosa by Endocure.

        get all 6 carts to find your favorite and then let us know !! 

  1. ORANGE COOKIE – Indica Dominant Hybrid  effect Calm Body , Euphoric and Happy Buzz 
  2. BLUE DREAMSativa Dominant effects Full Bpdy Relaxation , Invigorating Mood lift 
  3. CHERRY PIEHybrid strain effects , Pain Relief and well Balanced buzz with no anxiety
  4. PURPLE PUNCHIndica Strain effects .Anxiety Relief with full body mellowness .great for nerve issues as well
  5. GELATO Indica Dominant Hybrid effects Pro Social Buzz , focus + calm ,sense of wellbeing 
  6. ENDOCURE ORANGE MIMOSAPotent Hybrid ,effects are Uplifting mind and body energy and focus . relaxation without sedation ! 




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Important Message

Hi everybody. It's Marty Burman at Burman's Health Shop. I hope you and your family are doing well. I just wanted to show you a few things that can help you during this pandemic.

We've got an olbas inhaler. Been selling it for years. It works incredibly. You gotta try it. It's been around for almost a hundred years.

Elderberry and honey tonic with herbs and vitamins in nutrition that and cofactors minerals works incredible for the immune system. This is going like hotcakes. Our Burman's elderberry that has no glucose or sugar in it, which is excellent for diabetics.

Olive leaf extract by Endocure, which helps out with the immune system response and immune booster for kids. The cold and flu remedy from Endocure.

And yes, we've got plenty of vitamin C and we have colloidal silver, which is a natural antibiotic stopping the Burmans we have you covered. Take care, take care of your family.

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