ENDO-T Natural Testosterone Booster

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ENDO-T  features a well studied formula of all natural ingredients geared to give you an extra edge in all areas of your life.

Calcium DAA ( D aspartic acid ) elevates LH to stimulate Testosterone production paired with L-Carnitine L-Tartrate to increase androgen receptors and better utilize all that new testosterone circulating in the body.

Most of our natural testosterone is called “bound testosterone” this is unusable to us ,what we want more of is “free testosterone” this test is free to attach to testosterone receptors and enable all of its wonderful benefits and also increase secondary male sex characteristics ( facial hair, deeper voice etc).

Another clinically studied herb is ASHWAGANDHA  this time its the trademarked version SENSORIL.

This popular herb can lower cortisol , increase thyroid function, increase sperm motility and semen volume and that is just some of its amazing benefits.

And when we have a spike in testosterone the body wants to balance out these increases and some of the T gets converted into estrogen now not all estrogen for men is bad but certainly we do not want to much so for this reason we have included INDOLE3-CARBINOLE  a compound for in cruciferous veggies that can inhibit aromatization and is being studied for its anticancer benefits especially hormone dependent cancers .

Serving size 3 capsules

Weight 2 oz

72 capsules

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