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Endocure 500mg Pet SouthPaw Power

Endocure presents southpaw power 

a 500mg full spectrum CBD oil for your Best friend 

most pet products on the market are made from CBD isolate and although we have no issue with isolates we still believe in the power of the “Entourage Effect”

full spectrum products provide a wide variety of cannabinoids including CBD CBDA CBG CBN and naturally occuring vitamin E , omega 3,6,9

CBD for pets is useful for a variety of issues 

  • seperation anxiety
  • inflammation
  • digestive issues 
  • Joint pain and mobility issues
  • red patches , itching 
  • excessive licking 
  • skin odor 
  • arthritis , colitis and much more ! 

Try SouthPaw Power and experience the amazing benefits of an all natural miracle nutrient .

each drop of oil is approx 2mg

Small Dogs and Cats start with 1 drop 2-3 x daily 

larger pets start with 2 drops 2-3 x daily 

increase dosages 1 drop at a time until desired effects are obtained . 


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