Endocure CBD Full Spectrum Oil + Turmeric Bundle

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Available together in a bundle is Endocure’s Flagship Oil complete with all active cannabinoids and terpenes.

Delivering the “entourage effect” no cheap fillers or filler oils only mixed with high quality MCT oil for maximum effectiveness.

Each Bundle Contains 1 bottle of oil ( choose between 500/1000/2000 mg ) and 1 60 count size Whole Food Turmeric by Megafood.

Turmeric is a potent anti – Inflammatory that has been traditionally used in both ayurvedic and Chinese medicine for its long list of health benefits.

Although they work through different pathways they both share a lot of the same benefits which makes them work well together.

Both have been reported to:

  • reduce pain/inflammation
  • relieve anxiety
  • improve general wellbeing

Inflammation is the root cause of many issues from nerve pain to digestive issues and even brain fog, so to reduce inflammation is going to benefit the mind and body and make you feel much better regardless of your symptoms.

Try this winning combo and let us know how it does for you!

Weight 5 oz
Bundle Size

500mg Oil + Turmeric, 1000mg Oil + Turmeric, 2000mg Oil + Turmeric

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