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Hemp Ganix | Strain Depends on Seasonal Availability

Buy CBD Hemp Ganix full spectrum BaOx legal hemp CBD flower buds from $15.00 to $64.99 online or at Burman's Health Shop near Philadelphia, PA.

NOTE: The availability of strains of HempGanix CBD flowers via our organic farms depend on seasons, weather, and variable growth rates. We are currently sold out of the BaOx strain but are providing several other HIGH CBD/Low THC strains that are also effective for symptoms related to insomnia, inflammation, pain, and anxiety and depression.

When you order we may provide you on of the following depending on seasonal availability:

  1. Special Sauce - 16% CBD
  2. Cascade - 15% CBD
  3. Lifter - 19% CBD
  4. Wineberry - 18% CBD
  5. BaOx - Hemp Ganix when in season
*Note that irregardless of the CBD% how you smoke it will change how much CBD you actually get and your body may absorb the CBD better or less effectively than other people depending on your own physiology.

You can order via this page and we will send you the current strain available. The pricing and free first class shipping is the same.

Hemp Ganix Details

Our CBD flowers Hemp Ganix’s only ingredient is a CBD hemp plant flower cured outside at the best Hemp farm in Oregon. Flowers are contained in a small package as indicated in the photo. Hemp Ganix is one of several full spectrum hemp products including hemp oil that you can buy here.

Why should you buy the Hemp Ganix hemp CBD flowers bud from us?

#1. Hemp Ganix Hemp Flowers are Best for Health Issues

Our own research and hundreds of regular customers find say that Hemp Ganix is the best CBD bud for many kinds of therapeutic purposes including anxiety and depression. Most people prefer to smoke the non THC cured flower to leverage the full spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. The full spectrum hemp bud has a smooth blandness and burns slowly for an enjoyable relaxing experience. (Dozens of reviews will be available soon.)

Hemp Ganix is also a better CBD bud because it is from the BaOx strain, grown on an Oregon family farm, and lab tests indicate the highest level of quality.

#2. Highest Quality CBD Flower Strain

First, Hemp Ganix is made from the BaOx hemp flower strain. This is an “Indica” strain which is known for relaxing the mind and body as opposed to the cannabis sativa strain that is a stimulant. The BaOx indica strain is a crossbreed between the Otto II seed and the Hindu-Kush plant that grows in Afghanistan. These hemp flowers have a very low THC content level and are legal in most states as opposed to other popular hemp buds with high THC levels that are only fully legal in a few places.

This Hemp Ganix bud is from the BaOx strain of hemp which some people spell "boax."

#3. Grown on Hemp CBD Flowers Farm in Oregon

Hemp Ganix is grown on the Wildhorse Creek Hacienda organic farm in Oregon.

This is a family farm with climate and soil purity that is perfect for the full spectrum hemp CBD flowers BaOx strain. The lab analysis graphic in the photo above details the Total THC level at less than .25% and a CBD potential of 12.43% with over 15.77 Cannabinoids analyzed. Hemp quality indicators are very important since there have been a number of companies closed down by the federal government for using CBD products from China and unsafe farming techniques.

#4. Get Your Questions About CBD Flowers Answered

The final reason to buy Hemp Ganix from Burman’s Health Shop is simply that you can get help from us on a wide range of CBD related products including full spectrum hemp, CBD, hemp oil, other hemp products and health issues.

We are a family owned and operated business for more than 37 years. We’ve been using health and nutrition supplements for years and can answer any questions you might have from our, and our customers’ experiences. 

Please stop by our CBD store located near Philadelphia to buy Hemp Ganix or purchase it in our online shop. You can chat with us about CBD Hemp flowers or any other product on our Live Chat or Facebook Messenger.

We are writing the book on CBD Hemp Ganix Full Spectrum Baox Hemp Flower Buds! Please contact us to share your story and please leave us a review on this page after you try it.

Warm Regards

Marty and Ann Burman

Customers Buying Hemp Ganix at Burman's Health Shop



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