Kanna Bliss

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Kanna Bliss

Kanna Bliss is a fast acting adaptogen developed to reduce the stress and the worries that we face in modern life. It contains Kanna and other herbal ingredients which help to promote Energy and Boost Mental performance.

Kanna comes from a succulent plant originating from South Africa, which native peoples have used for thousands of years for relaxation, mood enhancement, anxiety and stress, energy and focus, and even depression. It helps the body restore its systems and our minds and bodies.

Another name for “Kanna” is “Sceletium” which is the part of the plant that can produce mood enhancing affects.  The mood enhancing effects come from alkaloids interacting with the brain’s dopamine and serotonin receptors. This causes euphoria, relaxation, and a reduction in stress and anxiety.

It can also pair very well with CBD and cannabis products. The effects that you can get from Kanna and the effects you can get from CBD products are very similar to each other. They both help to reduce anxiety and stress which can also help to improve mood.

Kanna Bliss also contains other well-known herbs:

  • Ashwagandha
  • Rhodiola
  • Bacopa
  • Cordyceps

Don’t miss out on the synergy between these herbs, which produces a great product developed for mind body and soul and provided by nature!

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Weight 2 oz

12 Capsules, 60 Capsules


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