Karen® Phytoplankton Capsules for Heartburn Relief

Karen® Phytoplankton for Heartburn Relief is an innovative proprietary formulation that addresses the critical triggers for heartburn with natural ingredients.

This formula includes the patented Alkaplex which is a proprietary form of alkalizing minerals including magnesium and potassium bound to calcium carbonate. The Alkaplex system uses a patented technology where three alkalizing minerals are encapsulated into microscopic crystals. Millions of these tiny crystals are then bound to form a granule complex, which allows for the release of the alkalizing effects over a more extended period. This formulation thus sustains a longer lasting acid reducing effect in the digestive tract. Comparative trials have shown that this complex provides up to 5 times more alkalizing effects verses many over the counter antacids. Most testimonials have shown that many chronic sufferers of GERD have experienced life-changing results after taking this mineral complex. The most significant side benefit is that many people start feeling better overall, with improved energy, likely related to its overall alkalizing properties for health and well being. Improved body alkalinity is well known in the field of alternative medicine to promote wellness.

To further enhance the effects of the Alkaplex, master formulator Dr. Vince Ziccarelli included proprietary plant extracts called Mucosave FG. Mucosave FG is an exclusive mix of extracts of Prickly Pear Cladodes and Olive Leaf. These Mediterranean extracts are rich in polysaccharides and biophenols that exert strong mucosal healing effects. These effects are essential since chronic conditions of GERD and indigestion are associated with lesions and ulcers of the mucosal membranes lining the esophagus and or stomach. Essentially this extract works as a sort of shield and barrier to soothe the digestive tract while promoting symptom relief and potential healing. This mucosal shielding effect has been found to dramatically potentiate the effects of alginates/bicarbonates with improved anti-ulcer results in animals. Preliminary clinical trials are showing therapeutic benefits for enhancing the quality of life and symptom management for GERD sufferers.

Apple Pectin, a robust water-soluble fiber is included in this heartburn cocktail because it is well known for creating a strong barrier that prevents reflux events from backing up into the esophagus and working in synergy with the shield properties of the Mucosave FG. To enhance the alkalizing properties of this heartburn mix, Karen Phytoplankton has included the high-quality superfood phytoplankton in the base of the mix. Phytoplankton is considered the king of whole foods and is rich in chlorophyll, carotenoids, trace minerals and omega 3 fats which collectively help support alkaline nutrition at the cellular level. The cellular nutrition support improves the body’s overall ability to cope better with disease, including digestive function.

In summary, Karen Phytoplankton Capsules for Heartburn Relief is the most comprehensive natural health product available to help manage the debilitating symptoms of heartburn. The cocktail mix works to provide sustained antacid effects by coating and shielding the esophagus and digestive tract lining. This soothes and promotes healing while creating a barrier that soothes symptoms while stopping acid reflux events.

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