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Karen Phytoplankton Vegan B12

It’s taken until 2018 to discover a true Vegan source of Vitamin B12. The source? Marine Phytoplankton.

Not only does Karen® Marine Phytoplankton have the daily RDI of Vitamin B12 but also has 3,300 naturally occurring units of Super Oxide Dismutase.

This Phytoplankton B12 is the new staple for Vegans and Vegetarians and also is clinically proven to enhance athletic performance. In a clinical trial the Spanish National Soccer team had these documented results:
• Significant Increase In Hemoglobin
• Decrease in Hematocrit
• A reduction of saturated fats 16:0 and 18:0 in the peripheral area and erythrocytes
• Decrease of pain and stiffness during anaerobic exercise, improving physical recovery
• A decrease of lipid per-oxidation showing the antioxidant capacity reducing the effects of oxidative stress
• A significant increase of Vitamin E in the blood.

Summary: This is more than just a Vitamin B12 supplement. Burman's Health Shop is excited to finally take this elusive essential Vitamin and give it to the people who need it the most.

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