Fruitein Acai Shake

Title: 544 Grams
Bottle of 544g Powder

FRUITEIN Açai ShakeFeaturing the anti-aging, antioxidant power of the world's most popular superfruit, Nature's Plus® FRUITEIN® Açai Shake packs 2500 mg of superior quality açai berry standardized extract and whole fruit concentrate into each luscious, mouthwatering serving. FRUITEIN Açai Shake adds variety and taste satisfaction to the most extensive line of açai products available, including capsules, extended release tablets, mini-tabs, liquid, and specialized formulations. Açai berry is clearly the world's most popular superfruit for anti-aging, energizing, cardiovascular, digestive, metabolic and weight loss support. With an outstanding ORAC value of 2000, every smooth and sumptuous serving of FRUITEIN Açai Shake supplies this comprehensive açai activity along with vitamins, minerals, complete vegetarian protein, and more than 115 whole foods. Nature's Plus FRUITEIN Açai Shake provides: 2500 mg of superior quality açai berry standardized extract and açai whole fruit concentrate standardized 10% phenolics 2000 ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity, a measure of antioxidant activity) Refreshingly delicious flavor of açai and exotic fruit The metabolic and weight management activity that has made açai famous around the world 100% Daily Value of all vitamins, 10 grams of superior Tri-Part* protein, and a broad profile of minerals More than 115 whole foods Nature's Plus FRUITEIN Açai Shake promotes the energy, vitality and optimal free radical defense you demand!