Source of Life Power Teen for Her

Title: 60 Tablets
Box of 60 Tablets

POWER TEEN¨ For Her Chewable Multi - Wild Berry Whether sheÕs Surfing the Net or Carving real Waves on her ShortBoard, a young woman needs the power and energy that only a high quality, high potency supplement can provide. Armed with an explosion of Wild Berry flavor, Power Teen¨ for Her is the ultimate young womenÕs high-potency multivitamin supplement. Its unique Feminine Complex includes cranberry, fenugreek and wild yam extracts to promote urinary tract health, breast health and healthy hormone balance. Meanwhile, BlemiShieldÕs cranberry extract and probiotics (K12 and M18) support natural defenses for a healthier, clearer complexion, while protecting the inner ear, teeth and gums. Bottles of 60 Serving Size 2 Chewable Tablets Supplement Facts Ingredient Amount % Daily Value