Spiru-Tein PureTrition French Vanilla

Title: 35 Grams
Bag of 35g Powder

Powder Packed with more phytonutrients than any other foods on Earth organic whole foods are regarded as having the richest and most delicious flavors possible. Spiru-Tein PureTrition is the first certified organic soy-free protein shake to deliver the astoundingly delicious flavors consistent with real organic whole foods. Unencumbered by the engineered yeast that is the foundation of other organic shakes Spiru-Tein PureTrition delivers the truly superior flavors that have made Spiru-Tein the world's favorite for decades Featuring irresistible mouthwatering flavors gluten-free Spiru-Tein PureTrition fuses multi-source vegan protein with a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals for boundless energy and overall well-being.