Wormwood Complex

Title: 100 Capsules
100 Capsules

Wormwood Complex combines wormwood with complimentary herbs to kill intestinal worms and parasites and expel them from the body. Wormwood is known to antiquity and is even mentioned in the Bible. Its very name suggests its most well-known property: it destroy worms. The leaves are greenish silvery-gray and quite bitter. It is used to counteract fevers, regulate the liver and menses, as well as to treat anemia and arthritis. Wormwood complex is also a vermifuge (agent used to expel worms from the body), as well as a stimulant to the gastrointestinal tract. O-W Wormwood Complex includes A. absinthium, male fern root, tansy herb, quassia chips, mullein leaves, fennel seed and cascara sagrada bark in a 500 mg. gelatin capsule.