Primadophilua Probifia Pearls

Title: 60 Caps
Box of 60 Caps

Primadophilus Probifia Pearls by Nature's Way 60 Softgel Active Bifidobacteria cultures (such as B. longum B. bifidum B. breve and B. infantis) are an essential part of the human intestinal microflora in the colon (large intestine). Studies show maintaining a proper balance of bifidobacteria within the colon can help Support overall digestive and colon health Reduce putrefactive (foul-smelling and potenitally harmful) substances in the colon Maintain regularity and proper stool consistency Promote healhty immune function As adults age the amount of bididobacteria in the colon declines. Taking Primadophilus Probifia fortifies the colon with health-promoting bifidobacteria. True Potency ensures the stability of active cultures at room temperature for the entire shelf life True Identity ensures only the probiotic strains listed on the label are present in the product True Release enteric-coating ensures survival through stomach acid for maximum delivery into the intestinal tract Dosage T