pHion Balance pH Test Strips

Title: 90 Test Strips
Box of 90 Strips

Phion Diagnostic pH Test Strips are the best strips available for discovering the pH of your body. Testing your pH is important because if your are overly acidic, you may feel low energy... find it difficult to lose weight... experience poor digestion... suffer from aches and pains... and even fall victim to more serious disorders. Too much acid can wreak havoc on your health! If you care enough about your body to test your pH, do it the right way. Litmus paper wont give you a truly accurate pH reading because it bleeds when it gets wet, which makes it quite a challenge to determine the color. pHion Diagnostic pH Test Strips differ in that the reagent is affixed to a plastic strip, so there is no paper, no bleeding, and no mess. Plus, pHion Diagnostic pH Test Strips measure a wider range (4.5 - 9.0) and they are the only test strips on the market that can pass through a urine stream without having the reagent bleed, making them exceptionally easy to read. Simply put, pHion Diagnostic pH Test Strips measure a wider pH range more accurately! They have a dual pad indicator that has two squares using two different pH reagents. The top reagent is more sensitive to to higher pH ranges (7.0 – 9.00) and the bottom reagent is more sensitive to lower pH ranges (4.5 – 6.75). This combination gives you an ideal reading of your pH level.