Jumpstart 3 Day Diet Start

Title: 6 2OZ Bottles
Box of 6 2OZ Bottles

Looking and feeling your best begins with maintaining a healthy body weight. 3-Day DIET Start combines proven natural ingredients in a safe and effective formula to give you the added boost you need to achieve your weight loss goal and take the first step toward living healthier every day. 3-Day DIET Start is a powerful dual-action morning and evening formula developed to help jumpstart your weight loss program by naturally enhancing energy and promoting regularity. 3-Day DIET Start Part One AM Energize With vitamin B12 yerba mate ginseng and other natural ingredients to help increase energy and promote healthy metabolic function. Milk thistle and dandelion provide added support for the liver and kidneys to enhance detoxification and help eliminate toxins. 3-Day DIET Start Part Two PM Cleanse Includes natural bowel-stimulating herbs to help eliminate waste and promote regularity.