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1.Wellness Transfer Factor 

Formulated with highly purified immune factors from bovine colostrum

preclinical studies show these transfer factors can boost the immune system and provide much needed support!

2. Wellness Formula 

High potency vitamin C and more than 25 other beneficial nutrients to keep your immune system and  respiratory system strong and healthy in this award winning formula !

3. Wellness colloidal silver

30 ppm silver has been traditionally used in china and in ayurvedic medicine to provide many health benefits

Included antibacterial anti fungal and antibiotic properties. this is beneficial for many purposes including immune stimulation

Ear/ Eye infection , Burns  and used as a natural alternative to antibiotics

4. Mushroom Immune Defense 

A blend of mushroom mycelia and extracts from more than 12 species of medicinal mushrooms including Reishi, maitake, turkey tail and cordyceps. Also includes vitamin C for improved antioxidant support.



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