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According to a recent article on NBC, the New York Attorney General found contaminants in many popular herbal products including Ginseng, Echinacea, St. Johns Wort and Gingko Biloba, that were being distributed in store such as Walmart, GNC and Walgreens.

That’s one reason why we pride ourselves in the Burman brand. We believe in the critical importance of using products that are tested under the strictest guidelines for manufacturing and assured of the highest potency.

Here are five reasons that you can trust the Burman brand. Our ingredients are effective, and you can trust the label for the purest tested quality, with no contaminants.

Our herbal products are:

  1. Made from the world's most trusted ingredients. All of our herbal products come from European Raw plant material that have stringent tests that prove effectiveness and are free of unwanted impurities. Essentially, we are Pharma Grade when it comes to supplements.

  2. Laboratory Tested. Every batch of our herbal remedies is tested in a laboratory setting to ensure they are free of unwanted and harmful excipients.

  3. GMP Certified. When the herbs are capsulated, only the strictest Good Manufacturing Processes are followed. During this process, the herbs remain intact and are guaranteed full potency.

  4. Built on Transparency. We can trace the entire process of production — from herb to capsule — with careful records of all the good manufacturing steps that have been taken to demonstrate that nothing is interrupted or added to the finished product.

  5. Highly Innovative and Science-based Products. We are on top of our game at Burman’s. We strive to always look for the best possible products for our customers. That means we put the time into our study of new innovative natural raw ingredients and formulas that are safe and effective. We have few rivals thew!

As a company we invite you to stop in or check out our signature formulas and products in our storefront and see for yourself why Burman’s Health Shop is a trusted brand in any home.


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