Lumi MicroDose D9

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Lumi MicroDose Delta-9-THC

This is not a delta 8 product

Delta 9 THC is the most well-known and loved cannabinoid in the world!

It is used for its recreational and medicinal and therapeutic purposes. Delta 9 has been a favorite of connoisseurs for hundreds of years if not longer!

Lumi MicroDose provides a balanced spectrum of cannabinoids CBD, THC  CBG, Terpenes and other trace cannabinoids.


A true sub-perceptual microdose great for typical wellness uses.

It helps with Mood, Anxiety, Sleep, Pain, etc…


This is the most common dosing protocol and considered to be the “perfect high ” by many.


Strong psychoactive effects only recommended for high-tolerance users.

Available in microdose tincture and microdose drops (hard lozenge).

Derived from hemp and fully compliant with the 2018 farm bill 

Weight 1 oz

microDose Drops (10 ct ), microDose Oil ( 30ml)

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