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Sleep Walker

Sleep Walker- do not let the name fool you!

This is not a sleeping aid. This is a get up, get focused and feel good supplement!

Sleepwalker aids in making you feel absolutely fantastic and is one of our recent favorite products here at Burmans Health Shop. With ingredients that deliver results sleepwalker is a no brainer if your looking for a euphopric focused effect , this nootropic formula contains 

Vitamin B-1 : fights stress,helps maintain a positive outlook,enhances learning ability 

Vitamin B-6 helps regulate internal clock and boost mood 

Vitamin B-2 helps to boost athletic performance and improve mood ,also beneficial for migraine sufferers 

Phenibut increases socialabilty ,stop anxiety in its tracks 

Caffeine Gives energy to the mind and body ,increase reaction time and promotes alertness 

GABA  gaba in an amino acid that improves anxiolytic effects,boosts lean muscle and burns fat 

so the next time your looking to chill out your nerves and become a social butterfly SLEEPWALKER is the pill you need !

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